Latvian Individual Table Tennis Championships 2011


   Second time in a row in Kuldiga was Latvian Individual Table Tennis Championship where Matiss Burgis won the title in Men’s Singles Event and Antra Vinerte won the title in Women's Singles Event.

05.-06.03.2011., Place - Kuldiga's Region Sports Hall.


Women's Singles

1.Place - Antra Vinerte
2.Place - Baiba Bogdasarova
3.Place - Aleksandra Volosina
3.Place - Insana Makhauri

Men's Singles

1.Place - Matiss Burgis
2.Place - Olegs Kartuzovs
3.Place - Rihards Mencis
3.Place - Janis Cirulis

Women's Doubles

1.Place - Antra Vinerte, Baiba Bogdasarova
2.Place - Olga Kartuzova, Ina Jozepsone
3.Place - Insana Makhauri, Diana Rusinova
3.Place - Aleksandra Volosina, Marina Kovalova

Men's Doubles

1.Place - Matiss Burgis, Sandijs Vasiljevs
2.Place - Arturs Reinholds, Leonids Maslovs
3.Place - Rihards Mencis, Raimonds Lasmanis
3.Place - Olegs Kartuzovs , Janis Cirulis

Mixed Doubles

1.Place - Olegs Kartuzovs, Olga Kartuzova
2.Place - Janis Cirulis, Baiba Bogdasarova
3.Place - Raimonds Lasmanis, Antra Vinerte
3.Place - Arturs Reinholds, Aleksandra Volosina

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  ETTU Umpires and Referees